There are things I miss:

Your smile and your laugh.

Falling into your arms for a reassuring embrace when things aren’t going that well.

Knowing that there’s always someone on my side, even if I’m wrong.

Feeling beautiful and loved just because you say so.

Unplanned date nights, just because.

Snuggling on the sofa watching television with you thee to tell me what I missed when I fall asleep.

Late night talks and dreaming and planning and wondering what tomorrow will bring.

I have become accustomed to missing all of theses things on most days. But not today.

Today my heart hurts and my tears flow freely. And the ache feels fresh and new.

I will count my blessings. I will look to tomorrow and dream of what is to come.

But today, there are things that I miss.

Missing You

I miss early morning cuddles before the clock forced us to get up.
I miss getting in each other’s way every morning while getting ready.
I miss driving together to work in the morning with the lunch you packed for me.
I miss seeing you in the car waiting for me after work.
I miss walking hand in hand on those
chilly, misty, days.
I miss giggling while you tried to tell a joke that you thought was hilarious.
I miss your cooking “adventures” and making breakfast together on Saturdays.
I miss singing “Where Is My Hairbrush”with you in the car really LOUDLY.
I miss date night and feeling beautiful just because you think I am.
I miss your cold feet under the warm covers (and your squeals when it’s MY cold feet. )
I miss hearing you breathe (and even snore) as you sleep.
I miss debates and discussions, fighting and making up, talking about everything and about nothing.
I miss our family of four.
I miss being a couple.
I miss you.