Missing You

I miss early morning cuddles before the clock forced us to get up.
I miss getting in each other’s way every morning while getting ready.
I miss driving together to work in the morning with the lunch you packed for me.
I miss seeing you in the car waiting for me after work.
I miss walking hand in hand on those
chilly, misty, days.
I miss giggling while you tried to tell a joke that you thought was hilarious.
I miss your cooking “adventures” and making breakfast together on Saturdays.
I miss singing “Where Is My Hairbrush”with you in the car really LOUDLY.
I miss date night and feeling beautiful just because you think I am.
I miss your cold feet under the warm covers (and your squeals when it’s MY cold feet. )
I miss hearing you breathe (and even snore) as you sleep.
I miss debates and discussions, fighting and making up, talking about everything and about nothing.
I miss our family of four.
I miss being a couple.
I miss you.

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