One More

Birthdays were always big celebrations in my family. We had parties, favorite meals & gifts. Your birthday was YOUR day. I looked forward to it every year. Each year was an accomplishment. Nine, thirteen, sixteen, eighteen, twenty-one, all milestones to be celebrated.

As I moved into my thirties, birthday celebrations were reserved for my kids. It was their turn to celebrate and a chance to spoil them a little bit. I made a tactical error in 1987 and got married 9 days before my birthday. So that special birthday dinner was more about our anniversary. Adult birthdays faded into the background and sometimes weren’t even remembered.

Now I’m on the downhill side of 50. My kids are old enough to plan birthday dinners. And I look forward to having everyone at the table again. But birthdays aren’t really an accomplishment any more. It’s just another point in time to reflect.

So, what has happened this year? I changed jobs, moving from the drilling world to construction. We lost my dad in April. My son bought a new car with his own $$. My daughter finished college classes and is student teaching this semester. I took over the facilitation of a ladies Bible study. I continue leading worship in the early service, working with AWANA & teaching a junior high girls Bible fellowship class.

As I look back over the year, I can’t help but wonder if I continue to make a difference on this earth. If I disappeared tomorrow, would it matter? Would there be a void? For my family and especially my kids, I think there would be. But honestly, everything else would rock along pretty seamlessly. And thats as it should be. If I’m doing things right, nothing depends on me. I’m just the conduit to get there.

I hope I’m making a difference. That’s my goal. So, here’s to another year of struggles, hurts, joys and triumphs. Let’s touch some lives.

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