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We talk of the rhythm of life. The easy movement among and between friends and family. Easy conversations and interactions, normal stuff makes up the rhythm of our lives. But, what happens when the rhythm is upset, when an extra beat is added or removed. What then? There are times when it’s just a small blip, much like 2/4 measure stuck into a 4/4 piece in music. You just make a short adjustment and then you go back to the way it was. But, then there are those times in music where you switch completely from 4/4 to 3/4. It’s not easy. It takes work to change the downbeat, to change the rhythm until it feels normal again.

That’s much the way life is. There are days of feeling so normal and then the blips come along. And sometimes there are more than blips, and we have to adjust to a new normal. A new rhythm of life. Not always easy and very awkward at first. But, eventually, it feels okay. Maybe even right. The rhythm of life.