Too Soon


You were smiling the last time I saw you. You took my hand and whispered “I love you!”

We had spoken of the future that evening

Dreams for our son and daughter.

We made plans for the coming weeks,

A football game, a wrestling tournament.

We had much for which thanks was due.

We had such a future about which to dream.

Life was good.

The road seemed clear before us.

And then, you were gone.

And with you All of our plans and dreams, all the laughter and the joy.

Who would take care of our children and of me?

How would I endure the “normal” of life that was now so foreign to me?

How would I learn to walk the path without you there to bring laughter and life?

Our children still needed us and I did my best to be there.

We cried. We hurt. We remembered. And, we continued to live.

The path was no longer clear.

We struggled to find our way out the blackness that comes with death.

Because you loved so completely, you taught us to cherish love and hold it fast.

Because you brought joy, we looked for joy in places never before seen.

You were gone too soon.

You left a son that became a good husband and a wonderful father.

You left a daughter that is strong and invests in the youth around her.

You left a widow that found her footing in love once again.

You left a legacy that will never be forgotten.

Terry Gene Benson

February 1, 1958 – November 2, 2015


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