The Chihuahua

I have 2 small dogs. Maynard, the chihuahua is 12 & PUP (pee-you-pee) the Pekingese, is 13. Every time I sit down Maynard appears in my lap. I know he loves me and wants to be near me. He growls if I pick him up or touch him with both hands. He gets really angry if I touch him when he’s asleep. But, let something scare him and he will beg to be carried. I am allowed to scratch his head for a few minutes each morning and evening until he starts to growl. At those times he will look at me and whine until I pet him. But it never lasts long. PUP, on the other hand, would be perfectly content to be petted and scratched 24 hours a day. Some mornings, I wake up to PUP standing on my chest with her nose almost touching mine, waiting for my eyes to open. As soon as she’s sees an eyelid move, she starts nuzzling for attention. She walks in front of me looking back to be sure I’m still coming with her. She’s barks, and whines and stomps her feet to get my attention.

I wonder how often I have been a “Maynard” in my relationship with God. How many times have I asked for guidance and blessings only to growl when I become frightened or out of control? Why can’t I Look forward to every moment with God, revel in the guidance and attention?

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