In Between

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In Between


Most of my life I’ve been a mom. I was either “mothering” friends and classmates, or later in life my own kids. By the end of 2013, both kids will be on their own. I’m at that strange place of still being a “mom” but needing to stand back and not “mother” so much.

So the question arises, Now What? Where do I go from here? For the first time in almost 25 years, I will have no one that directly depends upon me. I can make choices. I am free. And it scares me a bit not to be anchored. Vaguely reminiscent of that time between high school and college or college and my first job, I’m caught in between holding on to the familiar and excitement for the future. What’s out there in the world for a middle-aged widow lady? Am I a butterfly ready to fly from the cocoon? Will my fear of flying cripple me? I’m looking to what God has to show me for my future. It could be that I’m right where I need to be. And, that would be fine. Or, there could be a great adventure in my future. That would be exciting.

Maybe, there’s a bit of both!! Here we go!

4 thoughts on “In Between

  1. I loved your thoughts today. Thanks for sharing your five minutes of writing. I hope you find a great adventure.

  2. Dear Melissa
    Every season of life have its own wonderful moments! I just know you are going to enjoy this new one lying ahead of you! We, who are mothers at heart, always find something or someone to mother, even if it is just a pet!

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