We live in a world surrounded by the extraordinary. And we just don’t see it. Maybe it’s because we see it so often that it becomes ordinary even a little plain. When I take off my everyday glasses and really look around me it’s amazing

It’s only when something disappears that we realize how truly extraordinary it was. Large, heavy rain drops during a time of drought. The beautiful sunrise hidden by the buildings around us. The birds singing and chattering in the trees that is drowned out by iPods and radios blaring. Lunches that are packed with secrets and surprises and waiting to be eaten at work. The unexpected phone call or text just to say “I love you.” Sticky little fingers reaching for a hug. The symphony of voices greeting you as you walk in the door each evening. Friendly, easy conversations. A warm hug, just because.

Have you ever tried to fold a rose back into the original bud? Or marveled at how quickly the grass grows? Instead of complaining about the petals that are falling on the ground or the grass that has to be mowed, take time to look for the extraordinary. Don’t wait until it’s gone.

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