All that (and a bag of chips)

There are two men in my life that I knew loved me completely and unconditionally. And on this day, twenty-six years ago, one of them walked me down the aisle at Spring Woods Baptist Church to marry the other. Daddy assured me that it wasn’t too late to call the whole thing off and offered to take me out the back door of the church as Terry waited nervously at the front of the church wondering if Daddy would REALLY give me away. Every girl should be so blessed and so loved.

They’re both gone, now. I miss them both. I wonder how many others have been “all that (and a bag of chips)” to another person. I got to experience that feeling twice. I have been truly blessed in my life. I look forward to seeing them again in Heaven.

So, Happy anniversary, Terry. I miss you. Every. Day.


Missing You

I miss early morning cuddles before the clock forced us to get up.
I miss getting in each other’s way every morning while getting ready.
I miss driving together to work in the morning with the lunch you packed for me.
I miss seeing you in the car waiting for me after work.
I miss walking hand in hand on those
chilly, misty, days.
I miss giggling while you tried to tell a joke that you thought was hilarious.
I miss your cooking “adventures” and making breakfast together on Saturdays.
I miss singing “Where Is My Hairbrush”with you in the car really LOUDLY.
I miss date night and feeling beautiful just because you think I am.
I miss your cold feet under the warm covers (and your squeals when it’s MY cold feet. )
I miss hearing you breathe (and even snore) as you sleep.
I miss debates and discussions, fighting and making up, talking about everything and about nothing.
I miss our family of four.
I miss being a couple.
I miss you.


I met Jack at a Mayde Creek Booster club meeting. Joe pointed him my direction when he asked about high school wrestling. And that is where our friendship began. We would see each other at football practices and games, wrestling matches, outside the locker rooms waiting for our kids. Just about anytime I was at the school, I would get a chance to visit with Jack. You didn’t have to be around Jack very long to find out two very important things about him: 1) He is a believer and 2) He ADORES his wife and family.

Jack was very open about his beliefs. Jesus Christ was at the center of his life. Jack loved old hymns, and Bible based preachers. He talked of different teachers he’d know through the years and pastors that had made a difference. He had seen God work in his life and wanted others to have the same experience. Many times, I’ve wished that I was as bold as Jack when talking about his faith.

I loved to listen to Jack’s stories. In some ways, he reminded me of Terry with his corny jokes and loud laughter. Jacob and my daughter were in the same class, so I knew got to know Moose personally. But, I felt like I knew the “Chicago” daughter and the “Katy” Daughter and all of the grandchildren, too. Jack was always telling me about his family. And Penni was at the center of most of his stories. Their love story started at a young age and it was a joy to listen to him talk about her.

Jack is ready to meet his Lord face to face. Soon, he will be there. In my imagination, I see Jack and Terry talking about football and wrestling and telling really corny jokes and laughing together. And the joy that Jack will have at being with his Heavenly Father will help to temper the pain of missing him here on earth. Our world will be a little quieter and a little sadder without Jack Freeman. He will leave a huge gap in the lives around him.

We will miss you, dear friend! See you later!

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the course, I have kept the faith (1 Timothy 4:7)